New “baby making” will lead to further social stratification

So, that title is kind of long-winded, and probably lost many readers, but it’s exactly what this post is about. 

So, I was reading this article about how sperm donation centers are rejecting redhead sperm donors. And, after laughing at the plight of gingers (sorry, ginger friends), I realized the seriousness of the situation.

You see, with an increased number of people turning to sperm donation, the more choice people have to what characteristics they want their offspring to have. For instance, a couple or an individual could walk into a sperm donation center and ask for the sperm of an intelligent, athletic, blonde, blue-eyed, non-balding male, and they could get everything they wanted. 

Sperm donation centers allow people to build the “perfect child,” if there is or ever will be one. You can essentially create your child like you would on a computer game, like Sims.

Of course, buying sperm is expensive. So, poor people would have to make babies the old-fashion way, in which parents have little control on what kind of characteristics their children will have. I mean, people choose spouses often based on characteristics they possess, which marginally controls what characteristics their offspring will have. But, who really chooses a spouse with all the characteristics they desire? I mean, I want to marry an intelligent, funny, athletic, democratic, sensitive, somewhat introverted dog-lover, but will I actually marry someone with all those characteristics? Maybe, but probably not. 

With sperm donation, you can ask for a donor with all the characteristics you desire, and actually get him. It’s clean, easy and efficient. And better yet, it takes love, which is messy, complicated and often a long process, completely out of the equation. Love will no longer screw up your chances to have the perfect kid.

Even better yet, if you do marry a guy who does not match every characteristic you desire in your offspring, you can use another guy’s sperm. I mean, your husband may not be totally OK with the process, but maybe with some talking, he’ll oblige. If not, you can always just cut him loose. I mean, you don’t want him to get in the way of you having a perfect kid. 

So, what is the point of this rant? Well, if people are able to choose what child they have, and this process is expensive, then rich people will get all the good kids. Poor people will get some good kids, genetics-abiding, but they will also have some lemons or duds. As time goes on, the good, genetically-chosen kids, will grow up and have other genetically-chosen kids. The good, old fashion kids will move up in status and marry someone and have genetically-chosen kids. The duds will continue to have kids the old fashion way. And, this cycle will go on until society becomes stratified into two groups: the genetically-chosen clan and the old fashion clan. 

Having been able to choose the best characteristics for their children, the genetically-chosen group will contain the people who are the most intelligent, athletic, good-looking, etc. The old fashion people will be far inferior to those who are genetically-chosen. The genetically-chosen people will reap all the world’s wealth, power and prestige while the old fashion people scrape whatever they can from the bottom of the barrel. 

America already is one of the most unequal societies in the world. And, I believe being able to choose what kind of child you have will only further widen the gap between the rich and the poor. I am not saying sperm donation should stop, but I believe it should be used for the right purpose. I think couples who are unable to have children should be able to use sperm from a donor. However, I think that the couple should not be able to know what characteristics the donor possesses. Just roll the dice and find out. 

In conclusion, let’s go back to old-fashioned baby making. 

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